Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fall Festival

The boy's school put on a Fall Festival, basically a carnival for the kiddos. They have lots of games for the kids to play...and a dunk tank.

See, my boys love a dunk tank. They waited and waited while one of the 5th grade teachers was in the tank...then it was time for the principal to take a turn. They were right there. Unfortunately for them, they aren't skilled pitchers. Hayden tried 3 times to hit the target with a baseball...and when that didn't work, the kid rushed the target and punched it in. Down went the principal!

Bayley went 0 for 3 on his pitching skills as well, but we held him back when he tried to repeat Hayden's performance. It's only cute when you're in kindergarten.

Hayden got the idea from Bayley...he'd used that move twice before, once on the vice-principal!

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