Thursday, November 22, 2007


We made our annual trek to Medford for the big day...what a drive. Thanks to the baby on board I have had terrible motion sickness, but a friend suggested SeaBands and they worked like a champ...if only they worked for grocery stores...but I digress...

The boys loved being at Gram-mo & Pop-Pop's, though they were non-plussed we forgot their swim trunks so they couldn't take a dip with Pop-Pop in the hot tub. We stayed for a few days, but never really made it out of the house. That seems to be our MO in Medford.

Gram-Mo had a Bingo game waiting for Bayley, so he was constantly recruiting people to play with him. He should have been charging for the Bingo cards...he could have made some serious cash! Instead he let everyone play, and pined for the Leapster Gram-Mo and Pop-Pop got him for Hanukkah...mean ol' mom wouldn;t let him play with it until Hayden had one too. It made the drive home quite nice!

Grandma Evie again proved her skills - bringing cream puffs (Hayden's fave) and eclairs (Bayley's fave). I swear, that woman doesn't miss a trick! Hayden had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner of rice crispies...while Bayley at least opted for mashed potatoes.

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