Friday, January 31, 2014

Back To Basketball

Tis the season for basketball! Hayden's excited about his team this year - he knows all the boys and their team color is green. Wins all around. However, I'm still having camera issues. Le sigh...

They were a bit overwhelmed at their first game, but they had it together for game two. They played really well together and all had a great time.

There were some hilarious moments, like when Hayden jumped onto the stage trying to deflect a ball from going out of bounds, or when the other team tried to lift him off the floor to get the ball away from him. Anyone who's given Hayden a piggyback ride lately knows that's not gonna happen ;)

They were so excited to win after their loss last week. I know that if they keep working together and having a good time, they'll be awesome.

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