Saturday, January 18, 2014

Charlotte's Web

Hayden has always like the movie Charlotte's Web ever since he saw it in preschool. When I saw that Oregon Children's Theater was doing a production, I knew he had to see it live. He was so excited that he watched the movie the night before!

We arrived early because at OCT they always od a kids activity before a performance. This time, they had the kids list the qualities of a good friend and hang them on a web.

I expected something quaint and cute. And then, there were aerial silks! Charlotte used the silks!

I was so impressed and enthralled. The characters were great, and everything came together beautifully. But the highlight for me was that Hayden would lean over everything Charlotte would write something (using aerial acrobatics) and tell me what she was about to write. Adorable!

After the play we went for sushi. Hayden had never been to a sushi place without the conveyor belt, and he'd never had udon. He loved udon, but wasn't so sure about ordering sushi rolls he hadn't seen first. We did discover the best calamari either of us had ever had. So good!

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