Tuesday, May 28, 2013

San Diego Zoo

When researching out San Diego trip, I came along the tip to begin a zoo trip by taking the aerial tram to the bottom of the zoo and then work your way back up. This worked so well! We got there as the zoo opened, and because we worked our way backwards (which I do at our zoo as well) we were able to enjoy the animals without crowds of people for almost 2/3 of the time!

By taking the tram first, we were able to get a lay of the land and the kids got to look forward to the exhibits. We don't have pandas at our zoo, so we were all excited to see the pandas and the panda baby.

As y'all know, no animal sighting is complete to my kids until they get to see one poop. The elephants were happy to help them out. We really liked the elephant exhibit because the elephants were playing with one another and we got to see an elephant get a pedicure.

We'd never seen koalas, so they were a highlight. After Grace saw the baby giraffe, she was pretty much tuckered out and opted for a stroller nap. Just as well, when we saw the gorillas, the silverback mooned us!

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