Monday, May 27, 2013

San Diego Safari Park

We were expecting the safari park to be a cross between the zoo and our Wildlife Safari, and it was, but with way more walking than we anticipated.

The highlight was the hot air balloon ride. It was lovely to see the expanse of the park and see the animals roaming through. The basket was shaped like a giant bagel, so we could walk around and see everything for different vantage points.

We had a beautiful day, but I wouldn't have thought it was hot enough to walk around wet. Of course the boys saw water and went for it. I think they could have stayed there all day just dousing one another.

The elephant exhibit was great, but the highlight had to be the bird show. The birds flew across the stands, making everyone duck. Hayden had the wings of an owl brush his arm as it flew by.

On our way out, we made time for the carousel. Grace and I love them. Hayden joined in, but Bayley and Jeff opted to miss out on the fun.

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