Saturday, August 25, 2012

Puppy Power!

Our new dogs arrived from Texas in a giant trailer with a shipment of twenty other dogs. Most of them already had homes, thanks to the great rescue work of Great Pyraness Rescue Society and SPIN. Jeff & I were leaving for our anniversary trip the next day, so the plan was for our pups to be fostered for a week until we got back.

The boys were so excited the puppies were here, they really wanted to meet them. So, we headed out for some play time and to thank those who spent the three days transporting the animals. Talk about a labor of love!

While we explained who we were, the boys headed straight for their dogs. Their markings, and the fact that they were together, made them easy to spot. A dog approached each boy, and the rest was history. Hayden & Frack bonded from the first, just like Bayley & Frick.

On the ride up there we talked about other names. Ranger, Baron, Sampson, Foster, Bandit... But as soon as the boys met them they decided to keep the names Frick & Frack. (Uncle Dan is not as impressed by the names, and has dubbed them Friction & Fraction.)

They fit right in with our family...they can't sit still for a family photo attempt either!

And as you can imagine...we couldn't leave them with the foster. She's lovely, but they were just so sweet and started to cry when they were put in a dog run. And we're suckers. Totally. The boys swore up and down that they would take care of them while we were gone...but it wasn't until Pop Pop gave the go-ahead that the decision was made. Frick & Frack came home to stay.

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