Saturday, August 11, 2012

Puppy Love

Our hearts have been heavy since losing our Rogue, but things are brightening. At the end of the month, we'll be welcoming two dogs into our family. We wanted a pair of dogs, one for each boy. We'd assumed it would be an easy process to rescue two dogs, but the selection in local shelters seemed a bit terrier heavy. We waited, and waited...and even discussed buying dogs from a breeder.

We'd had such a good experience rescuing Rogue, we were really committed to rescuing again. The boys agreed, so we decided to wait for the right animals to come along.

When I saw a pair of Great Pyranees on Petfinder, I thought they were too cute to pass up. Frick & Frack charmed Jeff too, so we investigated the breed and decided to apply for them. They are in Texas now, making their way to us soon.

But the boys have decided they don't like their names, which I think are cute. But Bayley has a point, they're only good names when you say them together. Plus, he was concerned people might think he's cussing when he tells them his dog's name.

We have some options for those who care to weigh in ::

Stryker & Blaze
Fritz & Max
Samson & Bandit
Fennway & Calloway (Fenn & Cal)
Sabre & Parry
Baron & Ranger
Deschutes & Cascade (Shooter & Cade)

1 comment:

Nicole Maki said...

They're gorgeous dogs. How exciting to be welcoming them into your home.

My choice would be Baron & Ranger out of deference to Rouge. The names seem to match his best.