Friday, June 22, 2012


The boys and I talk about going to Hawaii all the time. One day, we'll make it there. But to keep our daydreams sparkling we attended a luau hosted by our gym. Okay, so we went because there was a drawing for a free trip to Hawaii and we were sure we'd be the ones saying Aloha.

The weather was in true Oregon June form. That was sprinkling. We sat in wet seats, but for the most part we were dry. The kids got to try kahlua pork snadwiches, coconut rice, pineapple coleslaw...and weren't impressed. Neither was I, but I assured them food at an actual luau is much better.

The entertainment was lots of fun. For the last month they've been offering hula lessons, and making it particularly easy for the kids to take the lessons. They had them during date night, and if the kids were in the play room during lesson time, they'd take them out for you.
The dancer did a traditional performance, then had the kids (and a few brave adults) show off their newly acquired skills. So cute!

Then it was time for what we sat in the rain for - the fire dancer! My kids love fire, but they're very cautious about it. Probably all those lectures about our fire pit. The idea that someone would play with fire, dance with fire...well, that they had to see.

It was great, but not something I'll be putting on my list to try! I'd catch something on fire!

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