Saturday, June 16, 2012

Yellow Belts!

The boys had their first belt test for Taekwondo...and got their yellow belts. They've been taking classes for a while, but never had much interest in testing.

The process was really impressive. All the kids in their group went through different moves together, each group sitting down as those ranked higher moved on.

As part of the process, each kid got to attempt to break a board. I'll admit...I envisioned bleeding and broken bones. But no one bled! No one whined. These kids just put their feet and fists and elbows through the boards as if they were styrofoam. It was awesome.

I enjoyed watching the kids go through the process and looking ahead to what is in the cards for Bayley and Hayden. It was amazing what some of these kiddos could do. The finale of board breaking was a stunt that was truly movie worthy. The boy jumped over three other boys to kick through a board. AMAZEBALLS!

The other kids were so excited for it, there was competition over who would crouch down and be leapt over!

The boys were so excited to get new belts. Hayden immediately declared we needed to do something to celebrate, while Bayley was more understated - "I'm glad I got a new belt. I was bored of the white one."

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