Monday, July 02, 2012

Happy Birthday Bayley!

Bayley was really looking forward to all the superhero movies coming out for summer, so much so that he thought it would be fun to have a movie theater birthday party. Since I knew Hayden was having an at-home party, I jumped at the chance to have smoeone else do the clean-up.

The strangest part of the party... was that I didn't get to go! And it was wicked cool. The Avengers 3D run was over the day before the party to make room for a newer release...but the theater offered to have the party before the box office opened so that the kids could see the movie in 3D in a PRIVATE SHOWING. Yes, these boys were rock stars with their own theater. So cool!

I wanted to go for the private theater aspect, but Jeff actually wanted to see the movie, (and really didn't want to take Grace to swimming lessons) he won that coin toss. Which is why...there are no pictures. Suffice it to say, it was fantastic and still talked about.

His party was two weeks early, so by the time his big day rolled around he was ready for cake. Chocolate peanut butter cake. Thank goodness Hayden has turned into quite the bakers helper. It was quite the order!

For breakfast on his big day we went to IHOP where the boys managed to down two of the largest breakfasts the place makes. It was...boy vs. food! No surprise they weren't interested in lunch.
For dinner he opted for Red Robin, and lucky for us Aunt Christina & Natalie were free. Grace and Natalie are getting to be great friends...probably because they share the same love of fruit. Everyone else in the place is all about the fries, and these two are eating grapes from home.

Bayley was in such a good mood, he let them put the balloon ears on him and sing - which the girls appreciated. I think he was still happy about the Skylanders & Pokemon game.

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