Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall Firsts

Grace had two firsts in one day -- a schoolbus ride and a field trip! Her preschool made the jaunt to a pumpkin patch.

She loved the bus. Kids this age are usually tethered to their car seats, so they all seemed to really enjoy being able to wiggle about. Once we arrived...so did the diva attitude.

Our princess wanted to set her own pace. Why stand around waiting when you can look at farm animals? Why wait for the train when you could run to the pumpkins? Why wait for your class to ride the boat together when you could go NOW NOW NOW.

Tons of fun.

There were also yellowjackets everywhere. And when the kids were given fruit snacks? The flying menaces thought that was a good time to crawl INSIDE the little packages.

After the big adventure, we took the girls out to lunch at Pizza Schmizza, a favorite of theirs, and ours because they'll cut the slices into bite sized pieces for you!

We parentals like that the girls got to sit by themselves, which meant...we got to sit by ourselves!

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