Sunday, January 16, 2011

OMSI Design Zone

What to do on a rainy Sunday afternoon? Head to OMSI! Everyone else does!

I love to go to OMSI on weekdays. It's nice and calm (especially in the Science Playground because no field trips run through there). Grace can wander and observe...and I can sit and chat. But, with the boys in school, we tend to go on days that everyone else goes on. Which makes me love weekday OMSI all the more.

We loved the new Design Zone exhibit. Bayley said it was their best exhibit yet - and that's saying a lot since he wanted to live in the Star Wars exhibit. Hayden loved it too...but he didn't want to say it was the best because he's heard they'll be hosting real mummies there next month and he has a hunch THAT will be the best exhibit ever.

Design Zone is the most interactive exhibit they've had in a while. Very little reading, lost of hands-on activities. Of course, what did my boys start their exploration with? Video games! We wouldn't have had to put on real pants and leave the hosue for them to do that!

Grace really enjoyed dancing with the lights, as did many other wee ones. It was baby disco! The pic of Grace on the ground is not her mid-fit, but instead landing on the lighted spots of the floor and saying "Gotcha!"

Once she realized she could not make the lights stop, she wanted to go to the Science Playground. Jeff & the boys kept playing, while Grace and I ventured upstairs. I think she was a little bothered that her playground was so crowded, but she still managed to kick everyone out of the squirell tree and the ball pit in the baby area.

Once the boys had done everything, they came upstairs too, and went right for the flubber. Grace tried to be interested in it, but couldn't work up any enthusiasm. So we went to lunch!

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