Sunday, January 09, 2011


Have you ever tried to draw a template for a state that has a long chain of islands? And lots of curves? Alaska's pillow is definitely an intermediate skill level!

The boys picked gray for all the snow when it melts (apparently they do remember something of Uncle Gabe's complaints about break-up when all the snow melts).

The best part of our Alaska week was Bayley telling us fables he'd read about native peoples and polar bears and glaciers. I was equally proud and impressed by his impromptu recall.

Aurora Borealis
Largest State
Amatignak Island (westernmost point in the US)
Seward's Folly (the purchase of Alaska from Russia)
Aleutian Islands

We tried a new recipe in honor of our state of the week - Baked Alaska. But, we did it with cupcakes...does that make it Baked Aleutians?

Grace & Jeff gobbled them up. The boys and I made a valiant effort at the meringue...then ripped it off and ate our ice cream stuffed cupcakes.

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