Saturday, February 06, 2010

Dinner Dance

We weren't sure what to expect from our first Dinner Dance at the elementary school...since we were told there wasn't much dancing and dinner was pizza and soda. I did the first half of the night solo - and I don't thnk I have EVER been so happy to see Jeff as I was when he got there!

It turned out to be a great party, if a little loud. There were raffle baskets, a silent auction, and a hilarious hula hooping thing done by grade. Did you know 3rd grade is when most kids learn to hula hoop? It was that obvious :D

There was a little bit of dancing - mostly kids milling about and then some group things like the chicken dance. The boys do want to go again next year, but I think Jeff and I will draw straws and one of us will stay home with Grace.

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Fab Free Fun said...

Wow-Poor Gracie is DONE with loud, parties!! Poor thing! In another year, she will hopefully be better with loud noises and massive diva-ism