Monday, February 08, 2010

Captain Tory - Bayley's latest story

“Dang it! Dang it! Dang it!” Captain Tory yelled in the empty cabin. Captain Tory’s ship was on a collision course with an unknown island. It wasn’t on any of his charts and the ship’s controls were no use.

Bam! Captain Tory was flung off his boat and flew over the rocky beach, hitting the trunk of a palm tree.

“Ow! He said. “Well, I’m lost and my ship is destroyed. How could today ever get any worse?”

Captain Tory got up and decided to explore the island. “Woah! Ow! “ he exclaimed when he tripped on a half-buried golden lantern. “Strange, but at least I have a lantern.”

Captain Tory made his way through the bush and found a wide clearing. He thought it would be a great place for a house. “If only you could get me a house,” he said to the lantern. He waved the lantern three times, looking around the area. Suddenly, a house popped up in front of him!

“Sweet!” he said. The house was two stories tall, painted red, had plenty of windows, an emergency escape rocket, and a beautiful garden.

There was a panel on the front door. He entered the code one, two, three.

A mechanical voice said, “The code is one, two, three.”

The door slid open and Captain Tory saw a robot in front of him. “Wow,” he thought.

The robot had a mechanical voice. It said, “Hello. My name is 3YN172, but you can call me Three-Y. “

“Thank you,” said Captain Tory. He decided to explore his new house. On his way through the hallways he learned the house was run by robots called Droids. He also met some Droids; one garbage Droid and two house-cleaning Droids. He also met a squad of ten guard-Droids.

Then, Captain Tory found an elevator and went upstairs. What he was paradise. It was an ultimate game room. There were games from Wii to Gameboy. He also saw some steps leading up to a large bedroom with a built-in TV, a closet, and another door leading to a computer room. There, a work Droid was tweaking some wires on a machine as large as semi-truck cab. One the side “Teleporting Machine” was engraved.

“Good thing I finished,” said the Droid. The robot left the room through a small doorway.

“Teleporting is just what I need,” said Captain Tory. Still holding the golden lantern, he hopped into the machine and teleported back home. In his driveway was his silver car and drove to the orphanage. He adopted an orphan named Josh because he wanted someone to keep him company.

Captain Tory took Josh home and showed him the teleporting machine, but it seemed to be shorting out. Without trying to, they teleported back to the island.

“What the heck!” cried Captain Tory.

“Is this your house?” asked Josh with amazement.

“Yes, it is,” said Captain Tory.

They heard the teleporting machine go fffttzzzzzzzzzzt! Then it blew up. Captain Tory hadn’t realized that as he climbed out of the machine, he accidentally hit the self-destruct button. Some work Droids took care of the damage.

Captain Tory and Josh went inside the house and ordered dinner. After they ate pizza, they played video games for three hours and went to bed at 10:37.

The next day, they went hiking with the golden lantern to look for a place to build a harbor. One poofed up at the perfect spot. They hiked back to the house and packed a lunch. Then, captain Tory made some snow with green pine trees on the side of the hill. After that, they skied down the slope to the new harbor.

“That was awesome,” said Josh.

“Agreed,” said Captain Tory. He waved his lantern three times and a boat appeared….

And then Captain Tory woke up.

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