Tuesday, September 08, 2009

First Day of School

The boys started their new school today. We got them out the door and ready on time - we weren't sure after a summer of late mornings!

Bayley :: I got a buddy - Patrick! (He knew Patrick from kindergarten and 1st grade) I didn't recognize anyone else, but everyone had on their handsome clothes and I can't recognize anyone like that!

Hayden :: My teacher was not what I expected. She was nice when the parents were there, then she was telling us to be quiet! Two obnoxious boys were in my group. We had PE. I had a hamburger for lunch with ketchup, with cinnamon roll bread and lettuce with ranch dressing and animal crackers. I was still hungry, but they said I could only go through the salad bar again.

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Mama K said...

We will miss them at school...