Thursday, March 02, 2006


I almost forgot Dr. Seuss' birthday! Phew. Close save. Today is Read Across America Day, in honor of everyone's favorite children's author, Dr. Suess. I'll revise this post and let the world know how many of our Seuss books the boys and I got through today.

Which Dr. Seuss title is your favorite?


Uncle Matty said...

My favorite is Green Eggs and Ham...I was lucky enough to have a second grader read it to me on Dr Seuss B-day while volunteering at Barnes elementary. To celebrate his B-day the school allowed everyone, and I mean everyone, the opportunity to wear their pajamas to school. What a surprise for me as I pulled into their parking lot only to see teachers dressed as if they had just jumped out of bed. Wish they would let me do that where I work...

Anonymous said...

Uncle Gabe-

I still say that the Lorax is the best. A close second would be the Sneeches, followed by the popular Grinch, Cat/Hat, Green Eggs and know me, I like the obscure ones