Friday, March 10, 2006

Burke Brother's Best Day

Yesterday was the best day to be a Burke brother! They woke up to a surprise dusting of snow on the grass. Quite exciting. Then Gramma Bobbie came and took them to OMSI - sparkling sand, water tables, counstruction machines, air vents, reptiles - little boy heaven.

Next came lunch at their favorite restaurant, Sweet Tomatoes. Croutons, crunchy sticks and pizza for all! Can't forget the ice cream, either.

They came home for a mom-free nap, which meant play time with Gramma who never tires of pick up sticks and sticker projects the way Mom does.

AND then they were off to Gramma Bobbie's house, where the snow was still on the ground! A few inches of it! Enough to make 3 snowmen, two of which Bayley promptly trampled down. Then it was hot cocoa, and Dad brought Chinese food, including Haydens favorite orange chicken, and Bayley's favorite, steamed rice.

Life does not get better for a Burke Brother!


Christina said...
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Christina said...

The snow was a wonderful sight for everyone! I love the snow man, it's a perfect Burke Brother size. Bonus.. I got to sleep in because the elementary school was canceled. wahoo!! Don't get me wrong I love teaching, but the early wake up call stinks.