Monday, July 14, 2014

Mt Hood Trip - Adventures & Nature

Mt. Hood is great for snow sports in the winter, if you're into that sort of thing. In the summer, they have an adventure park, with ziplines and trampolines and all kinds of fun stuff. I've always wanted to take the kids, but it's just beyond the length I like to go on a daytrip. So when Katie asked if I wanted to split the cost of a condo for a couple nights, I was game.

The condo was great - Katie and I had our own rooms, the little girls had a sleeping loft and Bayley...wound up with a couch. The complex had two pools and a hot tub, which were as important to them as the adventure park!

We'd heard that it takes two days to do the Mt. Hood Adventure Park because of the lines and the two locations. But when we showed up on Wednesday, we pretty much had the place to ourselves. Lines were minimal, so the kids could do things over and over and over...

The boys liked the go-carts, but the girls weren't tall enough. And that's a good thing because we put Grace in a kiddo cart and she couldn't even make it around the track. There were lots of things to do. Some things the kids could all do together - mini-golf, obstacle courses, trampolines - some that were for the bigger kids - ziplines and bungee jumps - and some that were best left to the small ones - pony rides and kiddo carts.

The boys thought the ziplines were just meh, but the really liked the bungee and both did it twice. I'm not a fan of them jumping, but I have the misguided hope that by doing it in controlled environments like this, they won't need to try and do something nuts like base jumping. Plus, it looked very cool to jump with Mt. Hood in the background.

The kids did the summer tubing hill, but it didn't really compare to the Alpine Slide. They all liked the Zorbs - giant inflatable hamster balls they roll around in on water. Much more fun than it sounds.

The Adventure Slide is at a different location than most of the park. I try to avoid most rides, but Grace had to have a partner to steer, so we got in on the action. So long as you don't get stuck behind a slowpoke, they're a thrill. Until you take a spill. Somehow, both Hannah and Hayden were tossed from their carts and wound up with quite the road rash. Slide rash? Whatever. We found out that the first aid offered is...minimal. Good thing Katie knows basic wound care.

The second day there were lines thanks to kids being trucked in for summer camp field trips. The place really is better when you don't have to deal with lines.

Because I can't have a trip without working in some kind of educational element, we took the kids to the Mt. Hood Cultural Center where we tried to show them the history of the forest fires, Native Americans and quilts. The kids...weren't all that interested. But Grace saw the spinning wheel and decided to play Sleeping Beauty.

We also went up to Timberline Lodge and found snow! There is something magical about snow in the summer. They tried to have a snowball fight, but it was more like an ice fight and that is fun for no one. We also walked them through the history exhibits inside the lodge - I think the kids felt a but tricked.

One our way back, we went to Trillium Lake. There are some amazing photos of the lake, where it is a glassy mirror of the mountain. But, it was windy and there were lots of people about enjoying the lake. So, no artistic picture, but we did see a pregnant salamander.

We had such fun, I think Jeff wants to go next time!

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