Saturday, March 01, 2014

The Zombie Gets The Girl

A fun, lively production of Zombie in Love made its world debut Saturday in Portland at the Oregon Children’s Theater. A cross between the original illustrated story and High School Musical, the show brings to life the story of Mortimer, a lonely zombie looking for love in all the wrong places. Determined to find a date for the Cupid’s Ball, Mortimer struggles to find a girl who doesn’t run screaming at the sight of him.

Mortimer writes an ad for his perfect girl and waits not so patiently at the punch bowl for her to arrive at the dance. When our zombie duo finally finds one another, they show their classmates how to be who you are and have fun while doing it.

Mortimer entered by lurching through the seats, the ensemble sang and danced in the aisles, and one of the girls terrified by Mortimer’s zombie ways ran screaming past the kids multiple times. Being so interactive really holds the kids’ attention.

Gracie was a bit worried before the show that the zombie would be eating brains, but Mortimer saves the brains for his lunch, and only manages to lose a hand and large intestine. Hayden hoped there would be blood, but settled for cracking up when Mortimer tries to impress a girl by giving her a beating heart.

We adored Zombie in Love and giggling our way through the unpleasant realities of being judged and avoided for being different. A wonderful message of being true to yourself, energetic songs and laugh-out-loud comedy combine for the perfect musical to share with your family.

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