Saturday, October 12, 2013

Gracie's 1st Soccer Season

Grace was excited to be on a soccer team. Not so much on the actual playing of soccer. I made sure to make it look good in pictures, just in case she becomes a soccer phenom in the future.

At practice, she once stopped mid-stride and froze. "Oh, a dandelion!" She liked playing with the other girls, but drills were not her thing.

God bless Coach Tony. He always made sure she was included, and played however much she wanted to. He never once got upset when she stopped paying attention to the game in order to pick a dandelion or greet her friends who were playing on the next field.

She liked kicking the ball across the field, but could not fathom why the other team tried to take her ball when it was clearly her turn.

After each game the girls would sit together for a quick snack. I do think that was her favorite part.

She says she wants to play next year. It may have to do with our team being the cutest one ever - with matching hair ribbons and team sweatshirts!

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