Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Everything's Okay Now...

Bayley gave us quite the scare this week. He woke up on Tuesday morning and didn't feel right. I thought he was either coming down with something or still tired from that weekend's camping trip with the Boy Scouts. I figured he'd go back to bed and by the afternoon he'd either feel better or need some chicken soup.

I took Grace to gymnastics and came home to find a boy who could barely speak. He could breathe, but didn't feel like he was getting any oxygen from it. And wouldn't you know, seconds before the power had gone out and my cell phone was dead.

Getting him into the car was a challenge. He could only take three steps before he had to sit down and rest. As I wrangled the dogs and got the girl ready to go, I considered carrying him. For those who haven't seen him...the kid is 5'4" That would be a tall order, and my physical therapist would probably slap me. But thankfully, he was downstairs by the time I had everyone else squared away.

I begged Tina to take Grace (even though her parents were in town for the holiday, so sorry) and decided to take Bayley to the ER. They triaged him right away because they could tell he needed to be on oxygen. I hope I never see a pulse-ox in the eighties again.

He got his first IV, first blood draw, first breathing treatment...and after a chest x-ray, lots of listening and a steroid perscription, we were allowed to go home.

The next day we saw the pediatrician. There's no way to know if it is asthma or chronic bronchitis until his lungs heal and we can do asthma and allergy testing. Last February he had bronchitis, and he hasn't felt 100% since.

While we wait for him to recover, he is on an inhaled steroid and has to avoid any known allergy triggers (dust, cats) and people with respiratory illnesses for a month. Fingers crossed!

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