Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Winter Dresses

Can someone please explain to me why little girl winter dresses are sleeveless? The dresses are usually staged with the matching sweater and tights nearby, but for goodness sake, why are they sleeveless? When you put a long sleeve t-shirt underneath, they're just not as cute.
As you can see, the rash is still here. Everything we try seems to make it worse, not better. And to make things more fun, the pediatricians office wants to see her (again) before they suggest anything else. Have I mentioned my frustration that stock market traders have had their H1N1 vaccination, but the baby I had to put in a plastic tube last year for a chest x-ray can not get withing sneezing distance of a dose? Yeah, I really want to bring her to the doctors office as often as possible, with all those kids who are moaning and crying because they have the flu.
How's the stockmarket doing these days?


Matt said...

Poor baby!! Why can't she get her H1N1 shot?! Blasphemy!

Cbayley said...

It would be really cute if they all had santa beards (from whip cream) then it would cover the rash and we could all see their smiles :)