Friday, October 16, 2009

The Science of FEAR

We took in the new exhibit at OMSI today - everything but the guillotine. I wasn't ready for that. I think Bayley might have tried it. He had a great time showing he wasn't afraid of creepy crawlies, gunshots, electrical shock, falling, being chased by a was quite entertaining.

The picture is of the 'falling' machine. They strap you in and then tip you back while a camera records your fear response. It was interesting to see everyone flow from anxiety to startled to joy. Everyone who 'fell' ended with a huge smile on their face.

Hayden struggled between wanting to be with Bayley and his friends, or in the science playground with Grace. He opted for Grace and was wonderful about playing with her.

He tried to get her to love the water tables, helped her with playdough, and gave her the cutest puppet show on record. It was the most beautiful thing I've seen in ages. Sometimes things just align.

Bayley enjoyed big-boy time, playing with the friend he brought and another who happened to be there (both from his last school).

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