Saturday, May 23, 2009

Out and About

We're thinking positive thoughts about the house selling, and keeping busy with day trips. Today we trekked west to the Tillamook Forest Center. It's fabulous!

After a picnic lunch, the boys enjoyed climbing the look-out tower like the ones the fire spotters use. Not for those afraid of heights, but very interesting.

The Forest Center is very well laid out, with lots of interactive exhibits. The way the boys race through things, I'm hoping to go back to get a second look.

After exploring inside, we grabbed the dog and went hiking. The trails close by the center are very well maintained. I'm betting we could have used the stroller, but Grace was enjoying being toted around by Dad. The boys had a great time, even if they were a little disappointed that we wouldn't let them wade in the Wilson River.

Since we were nearly there, we pushed on to Tillamook for the cheese factory tour and ice cream. It was quite crowded, but the boys loved their treats. We need to take them back on a weekday when the factory is in opporation and the crowds aren't so intense.

A busy day...with more to come tomorrow!

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