Sunday, April 12, 2009

Eddie's 6th Birthday

I really need to look into having the boys birthday party someplace other than our backyard or the park. Eddie's party was much more relaxed and enjoyable. I usually spend teh pary running about like a kitchen and begging favors off of everyone I'm related to. But, the park party is something of a tradition, and we can afford it...

Anyway, the old school ice cream parlor was a big hit with all the kids. They got to make their own sundaes, but I think most of the kids were more impressed by the presents.

After the party, Bayley wanted to explore an alley that he'd found. Didja know the kid had never seen an alley? He'd read about them, and so wanted to see what they were all about. I must say, St. Helens has the cleanest alleys I have ever seen - thank goodness!

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