Saturday, June 28, 2008


While we were playing outside with friends, this bird dropped down from a tree. After a few minutes of the moms telling the kids not to touch the poor thing, she flew into a bush. We thought it was a cute lesson on how birds learn to fly.

But then, when we came out after naps, there the bird was again. Hmm. The neighborhood posse surrounded the bird, trying to feed it leaves. Now, I doubt you've ever been surrounded by a half dozen pre-schoolers, but it's safe to say it freaked the bird out. The neighborhood dad put the bird in a tree and we all hoped for the best.

The next morning the bird was on the front steps of our neighbors house and no longer trying to jump/fly. She took it to the Audobon society, more so nature could progress there than in front of the neighborhood kiddos. So...they all think the bird is at a birdie hospital and will be released into the woods. In reality, the Audobon people said the bird had a neurological issue (probably from dropping out of that tree), so their hopes weren't high.

Who says city kids never learn about nature? They do, it's just the G-rated version.

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