Monday, May 14, 2007

Mothers Day at Pix Patisserie

Our friends who are also doing the 101 things to do before you are 12 didn't have much luck with their patisserie experience, so I made sure to stack the deck. A local patisserie opens their kitchen to kids on Mother's Day and lets them create their own concoctions. Older kids build pastries that resemble the ones in the case out front. My boys have their own idea of what they want...and it involves a little bit of everything.

Hayden wanted one of everything chocolate or purple - so he had a base of three brownies to mound cookies, mousse, chocolate shavings and purple ginger crisps onto. Bayley tried a scoop of everything, filling a tart shell with a brownie and topping it with a scoop of custard from a dish of creme brule before he squeeze a healthy dolop of whipped cream over everything. He even added a strawberry..."To make it healthy."

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