Thursday, January 11, 2007

PTA Roller Skating Night

Bayley's school PTA had a fund raiser at the skating rink tonight, and I think everyone from the school showed up! Not many of the kinders, but Bay did find one of the boys from his class.

This was his first time on skates...and Jeff's. He was sure he'd been on skates at some point as a kid, but he has since changed his mind. I on the other hand had forgotten how difficult it is to skate slow. I almost fell once trying to stop, Hayden couldn't stay up without someone holding him up, and Bayley...decided skating rinks should have a rubber floor!

I'm counting this as a skate park because parks can be indoors, and the idea of my boys on skateboards is horrifying.


Anonymous said...

what no pictures

JENNA said...

Yeah...I need to get on that. We've been puking this week. once we are germ free, I'll put some up.