Friday, April 14, 2006

The Fun Mom

What a day. Bayley had preschool, so Hayd and I spent out morning at Target snagging treats for the egg hunt and things for the bridal shower I'm doing ina few weeks, and good stuff for their Easter baskets. I'm really glad we don't do the whole bunny brings the basket thing. Hayd had the best time picking out stuff. Then we went home and spent the rest of the morning trying to work his half-abet into the full alphabet. Which is really too funny. Seriously, sit down with him and talk letters. The kid is a riot!

We snagged Bayley from school and were gifted with some McDonald's coupons. Now, I am not usually a McDonald's kind of Mom. But, they were so cute, and I needed to run to Costco, and I am a sucker for I promised Happy Meals for H week if they were good at Costco. Were they good? GOLDEN. I mean, clone these two because they are perfect. And who was at Costco? The Easter Bunny.

Well, a man in a bunny suit, explained Bayley. OK. They snapped a few pics on a digital camera and for a donation to Dornbecher's we had pics of the boys and the man in a bunny suit. Hayden loved the Easter Bunny. Hugs and smooches. I mean, he is fabulous.

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