Thursday, June 02, 2005

It's Raining...Buterflies?

On the Jackons Bottom hike Bayley chased a butterfly. The zoo just opened up a new butterfly exhibit, winged wonders. Coincidence? I don't think so.

I enlisted Grandma Bobbie as a second pair of eyes and arms and off we went. We had a random hike around the zoo and finally arrived at the butterflies. Such a fun echibit, but not the best for Hayden who couldn't resist trying to touch the butterflies.

While we were inside the dome it started to sprinkle. I rescued the stroller and thought we'd wait it out, but then it kept raining so I thought we'd best head back. We ducked into indoor exhibits we usually skip - the elephant museum, polar bears, swamp, cove. But we made it out without getting drenched.

As soon as we were home Bayley used the "my pants are soaking wet" excuse to strip down to his skivies. A better reason that usual.

Note to self - check the weather report before heading to the zoo!


Chris Burke said...

OK...have to add my 2 cents from across the pacific...Mom, if you read this, no more crutons and ice cream for a meal, please. Lets turn these little rugrats into kids who like brussel sprouts and spinach.....ok, not at all realistic yet, but at least an uncle can hope.

Love reading these stories so keep them coming! Sending hugs to everyone.


Anonymous said...

OK CR---------you coax the little rug rat into eating nutriciously! He definitely has a mind of his own!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Chris - no clue as to how to do this, but then again that is why I am only an uncle. I wonder if we can make croutons from other foods to get those boys to eat something different. Here are some ideas...polenta croutons, cubed carrot croutons, no other ideas though

JENNA said...

I'm rolling on the floor laughing - anyone remember when I decided Bayley would only be served healthy foods? He had nothing but milk and a banana for three days. He got dark circles under his eyes. I broke. He's stronger than me.

But I do try. He gets served a fruit/veg with every meal and we have a harda nd fast rule that he actually eat one a day. It is ALWAYS a banana.

Hey Chris, how about implanting more vitamins in bananas?

Chris Burke said...

I'm on the bananas and could crunch up a little flinstones vitamin and pack it in the end of the bananas after cutting off the parts that bailey doesnt want....

Yeah, i wish we could make all foods into of luck with that.