Friday, November 28, 2008


Over the river and through the woods, to Miss Staci's house we go...Hayden sang over and over on the drive to Chris's girlfriend's cabin. It was the cutest thing, even if it replayed for two hours. Plus it was true! She has a place just a few miles shy from Mt. St. Helens, right on the river!

The boys loved fact I think they have a few more excursions there planned. But next time we won't be driving home in the dark. Egad, windy roads in the dark are quite scary.

Once we arrived, the boys set to work on 'projects'. Bayley interviewed everyone on their favorite things, Hayden created a giant ice cream cone and decorated it with each person's favorite color.

The grown-up boys had a 'fun' time trying to figure out how to get the new sleeper-sofa in the house and up the stairs. It was better than any sitcom, I tell you.

Jeff got in lots of kid time, playing with Grace & hiking with the boys.
Speaking of hiking...they had a morning jaunt with Uncle Chris & Miss Staci which they had a great time with. Later that afternoon Staci's mom is was in the mood to hike. Guess which boys wanted to go along? They came back with red cheeks and sparkling eyes...telling a story about how they almost died. Omigawsh, it was so funny. They saw some deer tracks down by the river and figured it was a good idea to investigate...and they wound up scaling the bank of the river. Needless to say, they felt quite triumphant upon their return!

Luckily, the food was ready. Chris made 2 turkeys, Staci & Hayden experimented with a cheesecake.

I think Grace may have been the star of the show. Not too bad for her first Thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Chocolate Turkeys!

We saw a craft activity in Family Fun magazine making turkeys out of Oreo cookies...the feathers were candy corn, the head was a Whopper...well, the Burke clan is all about the chocolate so we improved upon the idea and made turkeys with m&m's and Hershey kisses...still held together with frosting :)

Hayden liked putting the m&m's on...he even made one a "Duck Turkey" with green and yello m&m's.

And I got a cute picture of Grace today. She's drooling like mad and on a nap strike.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving Program

There's a perk to having your second kiddo in the same kindergarten program your first was in -- you know how cute the Thanksgiving program is...and you know to queue up early! Still, Grace and I only made it as far as the second row, so most of my pictures are framed by front row mom's. By the time Grace is singing Albequerque Turkey, I'll have the schtick down!

Hayden 'surprised' me by announcing one of the songs - Thanksgiving Day Is Here. And when Grace was trying to 'sing' with the group he made everyone laugh by saying, "I know Gracie, it's so exciting!"

Afterwards, he 'tried' the apple crisp the kids made...he likes apple crisp..."at least the granola on top."

Monday, November 24, 2008

Spelling & Motherhood

It used to be I could tell which boy was calling for me based on whether they said Mom or Mama. Bayley made the switch during preschool, but Hayden has now made the change. It's sad, to stop being Mama. So during a cuddle I asked Hayden why he stopped calling me Mama...

Because I can't spell Mama in my journal at school.

That explains it - Mom is easier to spell. OK then. I showed him how to spell Mama...but clever chap that he is, he's still calling me Mom unless he wants something. Then I'm Mama again.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Monday, November 17, 2008

Their Heads!

Kim was out and about today, so she stopped by with the boys. I got the cutest picture of Grace & Nick...except I cut off the tops of their heads.
I wonder what they'd talk about if they had words...maybe something along the lines of -- is your mom trying to get you to sit up? Have you tried peas? I'm a fan of pears...and clapping...want to try my new Jumperoo?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Literacy Night

The boys elementary school has lots of family theme nights. Last week was Literacy Night, full of all kinds of ideas to engage your kiddos with reading. They showed up some great websites (like Starfall on our sidebar) and the boys had fun being on the internet by themselves.

They had lots of craft and art projects to get the kids interested in letters and reading. One room was dedicated to Harry Potter, which makes me think we'll have to go back to those books at some point. We tried the first one, but the boys thought it was too scary. I wonder if now that we've done Moongobble and Me, they'd be more into it.

They opened up the science lab, showing the kids that part of science is reading about experiements and reading the explainations of things. Bayley was all about the science room. I think it's his whole reason for wanting to get to 6th grade. If we had a bigger house, we'd get him a microscope. He'd never watch TV again if he had a microscope...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Legos Are It

The boys have just started to get into legos...just in time fo rme to ban them and their non-baby-safe size. Ah well, at least they'll get to build the Legos wind turbine once before the girl goes mobile and ruins their complete toy domination of the house.

Grace doesn't realize her power. At the moment she's trying to figure out why I keep making her try to sit up when she'd much rather be flat on the floor and why I insist on feeding her mushy food when there are so many more interesting foods she'd rather get her hands on...

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Her First Pony...

Hayden loved rocking on this horse...well, he still does. Here's hoping the boys don't crush it before Grace gets the hang of riding it on her own.